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INDOOR OUTDOOR Multi-Function Sensor

The sensor is an electronic sensor with no moving parts that has been designed to detect changes in movement or vibrations caused by attempts to cut, break or remove elements in the protected site.

The INDOOR OUTDOOR Multi-Function Sensor can be used in a wide range of INDOOR and OUTDOOR applications.

The detection capability of the sensor enables installation on solid structures such as walls, window bars and doors as well as on all types of perimeter fences.

The status of each individual sensor is monitored electronically and analyzed continuously by Zone Processor Units which detect changes in the status of individual sensors in comparison with adjacent sensors. The result is an accurate and reliable alarm detection capability from each individual Sensor.

Unique Product Attributes

  • Electronic Sensor with NO MOVING PARTS (Solid-state electronics)
  • Each sensor provides an INDEPENDENT alarm signal.
  • Sensitivity of each individualsensor is set using the ...Settings Manager Software Application.
  • Different sensors receive different detection parameters according to the type of structure on which it is installed.
  • ONE integrated system protects all the elements in the protected site with one continuous line of Sensors. There is no need to install other detection systems on site.

Indoor and Outdoor Security Integration Perfected


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